Our Promise

Customer satisfaction, guaranteed.


Our Vision

To be the commerce ecosystem of choice for consumers and institutions.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted omnichannel commerce and lifestyle platform.

Our key milestones

Since 2011, Blibli was founded as an e-commerce company in Indonesia that focuses on B2B, B2C and B2B2C.

Since 2011, Blibli was founded as an e-commerce company in Indonesia that focuses on B2B, B2C and B2B2C.


Blibli Established

Founded in 2011, Blibli is a pioneer of online shopping mall in Indonesia with a commitment to provide a safe, comfortable, easy, fun, online shopping experience anywhere and anytime.

Blibli's First Journey

Blibli become the first e-commerce platform to offer a 0 percent installment program and Midnight Delivery Service.


First Warehouse Opening

Blibli opened its first warehouse in Batu Ceper. This warehouse is equipped with a modern warehousing system and is supported by Blibli Express Services (BES). The package delivery will be faster to your hands.

Galeri Indonesia Launch

Launched Galeri Indonesia as one of the categories in to support for local products and Indonesian MSMEs.


Continue to Grow

The Blibli app was released. We also introduced 24/7 customer service and opened the second Blibli warehouse in Cakung.


Omnichannel Solution

Launched Blibli Instore as the first omnichannel solution at our platform. The number of seller also continued to grow, we create Seller App to make it easier for seller to join Blibli.

The Big Start Indonesia

Also in 2016, Blibli held The Big Start Indonesia Season 1 to discover young creative entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

Expand into Online Travel

We saw an opportunity in the online travel industry by acquiring and become a one-stop-shop to online consumers.


Opening The 7th Warehouse

The 7th Blibli warehouse in Surabaya is officially opened and become the largest e-commerce warehouse in Southeast Asia.


Blibli Click & Collect Launch

Blibli introduced the newest omnichannel Click & Collect feature to complete the online and offline shopping experience.

BliPay as Cashless Payment Method

Blibli strengthened their payment ecosystem by launching BliPay as a cashless payment method.


Blibli Mitra Launch

In response to seller growth, Blibli introduced the Blibli Mart feature to help retailers and micro, small, and medium-sized businesses increase their revenue.

Blibli Cinta Bumi

Blibli Cinta Bumi is a special category at Blibli's online platform which consists of curating eco-friendly products.


Entered the Shariah Economic System

Introduced Blibli Hasanah to make it easier for customers to get halal products.

Blibli Paylater Launched

Collaborate with Indodana to launched Blibli Paylater, to expand access to individual credit facilities that are seamlessly integrated with the shopping experience on the e-commerce platform.

BlibliMart Offline Store

Introducing the Blibli Mart category on and launching the Blibli Mart offline store.


2 Hours Delivery

We offers speedy delivery of ordered goods until received by the consumers as soon as possible.


Blibli is the first e-commerce integrated with digital banks in Indonesia.


Blibli acquired PT Supra Boga Lestari, Tbk., the manager of the Ranch Market premium supermarket.


Blibli opened an offline store with Samsung and traded in at some point.


Parity Program with Tiket

Blibli and synchronize our platform, combining the best features and elements of online shopping and traveling in an integrated ecosystem.


Blibli Tiket Rewards

Launching the unified loyalty program - Blibli Tiket Rewards - seamlessly integrated across all platforms within the company's ecosystem.

Groundreaking of Marunda Warehouse

Commencing the construction (groundbreaking) of a new all-in-one-tech-powered warehouse by Blibli located in Marunda, West Java.

Divestment in Halodoc

Completing the divestment of all stock investments in PT Pollinasi Iddea Investama (Halodoc).

Halal-Certified Warehouse

Implementing the Halal Assurance System 23000, integrating Blibli's halal product data with BPJPH (The Halal Product Assurance Organizing Agency), and obtaining Halal certification for the provision of warehouse products and services from BPJPH.

What We Believe

Values ​​that accompany our steps.

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. Seven basic values ​​that form our foundation in thinking, acting, and growing.

Risk Taking
To seize the opportunity, we need to fight. We are committed to taking risks to provide the number one shopping experience.
Every day, we find the answer to the question: how can we stretch ourselves to improve things? Sometimes, that means doing ordinary things extraordinarily. Some other times, we do new, extraordinary things. As long as we stay focused, we can deliver excellence to every customer’s doorstep.
Bliblioneers got each other to lean on. If one of us has problems, we provide them the supports they need. We got your back, always. We treat each other sincerely and respectfully. That is how we share the same serving attitude to bring our impact to the nation.
Passion is the positive energy and enthusiasm that propels us forward to our goals. We fuel our tank by focusing on doing what we love and the happiness we bring through what we do for others. And that’s how we have the power to deliver valuable impacts that make us proud.
We are continuously growing and innovating on all sides. We are committed to developing knowledge and ideas for sustainable growth and innovation.
This is the core of every innovation that we want to deliver. Every day we ask ourselves, “What do our customers need?” and drive every improvement to that answer.
Collaboration is key. We are committed to promoting the principle of cooperation between teams, sellers, and customers.

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